About Us

Imagine it’s summer 2016. Actually back up. Imagine you had a hobby that you just kept getting deeper and deeper into. Imagine that the circumstances in your life allowed you to spend more time with those little pet projects and you worked really hard, and you doubled down, and you bought in, and you told yourself, “Damn it Pinterest inspirational pins, you are right, I can be the fuel to my own fire, I can take that impossible step.”

Imagine that you realize that you are crazy. You decide, “Yeah I’m going to roll with this.” Imagine you start small and just get even deeper. Imagine those Pinterest dreams have you going further than you ever thought. Imagine you faced each set back with a feeling of determination that you never knew you had. Fast forward to December, and your hobby that had been rebuilding your soul still has you in the red, but with the power of your “I Got This,” aura you manage to convince others to join you.

Every time you think about this, you have to smile, shake your head in disbelief, and say, “What the [inappropriate]. You knew your friend was good artist, but she has transmogrified into a super beast, hidden boss, apex predator, and its not even her final form. Catch your breath. Your other friend, who did not even know that well in the beginning, turns out to be a synergeized kindred spirit, super skilled, super motivated, and literally helps you fulfill the prophecy you created in your mind in the early hours of the morning in a Las Vegas hotel room. That is a story for another day.

Imagine you begin to believe. You start saying things like, “We’re going to change the terrarium game, we’re going to make plants fancy, and baaahhahahahhaaa!” Imagine you actually believe in those words.

Can you imagine that?

Yeah, neither can we, we’re just friends from Delaware that put plants in glass, have great time, and make the universe a little fancier.

Maurice Gomes
Terrarium Visionary // CEO

Alicia Scatasti
Baroness of The Vine // Lead Designer

Matt Diamondstone
Organic Digitalist // Web Design